County Chairperson


Matt Stovin


Vice County Chairperson


Charlotte Garbutt

Vice County Chairperson


Rebecca Pringle

County Development


Kate Knight

County President


Becky Wright

County Administrator


Jane Coulson

Rally Chairman


Bertie Harper

Lincs Show Chairman


Dave Pepper & Jack Seigneury



Sarah Howseman

Social Chairman


Louise Dale & George Denby

Stock Judging


Oliver Chapman



Claire Ulyatt



Georgia Burrell

Development Chairman


Hester Seymour

These are just a handful of the great team we have at Lincs YFC, there's too many to list!

We have a great group of co-ordinators who do all of the background work in YFC - whether its organising a competition, editing the County Handbook, or in charge of finding Trade Stands for our Annual County Rally. That's the beauty of Young Farmers, its lead by the members for the members.

County Vice Chair -Charlotte

About me

Yorkshire born and raised, now maturing like a fine wine in Lincolnshire. I am an area manager for Syngenta and I am a part time farmer having set up my own pedigree limousine herd in 2019. I'm also a full time girlfriend. I enjoy shooting, horse riding and showing my cattle at agricultural shows.

Young Farmers History

I've been in young farmers for 12 years and have taken part in most competitions, club roles, events and basically anything I can get involved in. i'm a keen stock judger having competed at national and also like hearing the sound of my own voice by competing in public speaking comps again at national level. I also represent the county at national council and believe it is so important that members voices are heard.

Favourite YFC Memory

Soppy I know but despite the competitions I've won I have to say it's meeting Josh Wright my partner in crime on the Torquay 2015 AGM.

County Vice Chair -Rebecca

About Me

I don’t have a family history in farming, but I have a huge passion for this organisation! I work for Fat Face in Lincoln, and have worked in retail for the past decade. I am very enthusiastic about young farmers, and once you get me talking about it you can’t shut me up (well, about anything if I’m being honest - that’s why I excel at speaking competitions).  

Young Farmers History

I have had pretty much every role as a member of Louth Young Farmers - I started as social secretary, then went on to vice chairman, Chairman, secretary and general dog’s body for the club. At county level I was Hand Book secretary and I’ve always been around to lend a helping hand where I can. I’ve competed in pretty much everything - speaking competitions being my favourite, stock judging being my least favourite!

Favourite History

I would say that my favourite memory in young farmers would be my very first speaking competition. I came along to a meeting with no real inclination of becoming a member, just to see what it was all about. Within a week I was joined up and thrown into competitions. That Sunday at Riseholme I realised my voice and ability to argue in Just A Minute and I haven’t looked back!

County President - Becky

About Me

I am pleased to say that I am County President for this fantastic organisation. Away from YFC, I work in the office of a large farming company in the north of the county and I enjoy travelling when possible, Japan and Russia are the most recent long-haul adventures I have had. I also enjoy horse racing, with trips to Cheltenham and York among the highlights of the racing calendar. 

Young Farmer History

My involvement with Lincolnshire Young Farmers started as a junior member of Brigg and continued from there, through the years I have taken part in many competitions and attended numerous parties, events and social occasions. I have had a go at most of jobs on offer at the club, culminating in becoming Chairman. Away from Brigg I have also at various stages been secretary and chairman of the old Northern Region, Lincolnshire Show Co-Ordinator and eventually Lincolnshire YFC Chairman in 1998, an honour I am immensely proud of. I have maintained an active interest in the organisation, taking part in judging and stewarding.

Favourite YFC Memory

I have many memories of being a member of this brilliant organisation, ranging from taking part in the National final of the Quiz on my first National AGM in Bournemouth to entering weird and wonderful competitions at the Rally, but probably my happiest memories of being a member is just the sheer pleasure of being with like minded people enjoying the moment. I have met some of my closest friends through YFC and continue to meet wonderful people in this unique organisation.

Strategic Development Manager - Kate

About me

I’m the Strategic Development Manager for Lincs YFC and have been doing the job since June 2017. I’m married to Rob, a Farm Management Consultant for Fisher German. In my spare time (ha ha), I try to compete my own horse Purdey in dressage and eventing as well as hunt.

Young Farmers History

So much has happened in the last two years, I feel like its history! It’s been a whirlwind of great fun and lots of hard work :)

Favourite YFC Memory

I haven’t got a single one but some of my favourite highlights have been; the County Rallies and The Lincolnshire Shows. Also any opportunity I get to share the Young Farmers message is great too, my favourite being live on BBC Look North in June 2018. But most of all, I love working with such fabulous, vibrant young people!

County Administrator - Jane

About Me

I am the County Administrator for Lincolnshire YFC. I have previously worked for Lincs YFC on a couple of occasions covering maternity leave. 

I am married to David, a farmer, and we have two daughters. As a family we breed pedigree and commercial cattle and sheep. We have pedigree Hereford and British Blue cattle which we have shown, with much success, at Lincolnshire Show, Newark Show, Bakewell Show and the Great Yorkshire Show. 

We have a small flock of Dutch Spotted Sheep, they are a new breed into this country and we are very excited about their potential. We look forward to our first lambs in Spring 2019.

Young Farmers history

I was a member of Corringham Young Farmers when I was (much) younger and then I became a member of Market Rasen Young Farmers where I made many lifelong friends and participated in various competitions.

Favourite Young Farmers Memory

My favourite memory from young farmers is the fact that I met my husband whilst I was a member and we have just celebrated our 30th Wedding anniversary.

County Chairperson - Matt

About Me

I am 26, Agronomist working on a farm growing Salads in South Lincolnshire, I grew up on our mixed family farm, quickly proceeded to university then New Zealand broadening my horizons before ‘settling’ down in Spilsby in my current role. My hobbies include piano, skiing and rock climbing which occupies my life around young farmers and work. o I am 26, Agronomist working on a farm growing Salads in South Lincolnshire, I grew up on our mixed family farm, quickly proceeded to university then New Zealand broadening my horizons before ‘settling’ down in Spilsby in my current role. My hobbies include piano, skiing and rock climbing which occupies my life around young farmers and work.

Young Farmers History

My history in young farmers is brief and busy, Joining in 2017, I became a member of Alford Young Farmers where my father (ex-national chairman)  and grandfather (founding chairman) have a busy history, I quickly took on a busy role running the county bar operations raising funds which assist in keeping the charity afloat. I have done this for 2 years now and working with the now retired Matt Denby we have brought on the county social calendar leaps and bounds! I take pride in helping others and being part of this great organisation to which many have become family. It was an honour to have been elected as county chairman with my brief history, and I look forward to keeping this great charity

My Favourite Young Farmers Memory

o Raising £1000s profit for the young farmers through hard work and long evenings running the county bar

o Finding my feet in the county, meeting new friends

o Winding up ex ex officio Matt Denby