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County Officers

County President - Ernie Veall

County Chairman - Andrew Smith

County Vice Chairman - Sophie Potter

- Dave Burton

County Treasurer - Sophie Potter

County Office
YFC Office
Riseholme College

Office Opening Hours

The usual office opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am - 5pm.

County Co-Ordinators

County Coordinators 2015/16

National Convention - Katie Battersby

Child Protection - Gemma Parkinson

Competitions and Sports - Chris Sheldon

Development and Drama - Lee Sharp

Social - Amy Sharpe

Discovery - Alex Olivant

Handbook - Alice Croucher and County Office

Lincolnshire Show - Susan Garrick

Website - Sarah Epton

Publicity - Sarah Epton

Rally - Tom Wells

Stock Judging - Vicki Kirk

Liaison Officer North Ben Spink

Liaison Officer Mid Shannon Sleaford

Liaison Officer South James Needham

Youth Forum - Gemma Parkinson

County Roadshow - Will Wright, David Burton and Chris Sheldon

For contact details of the County Coordinators contact the county office.

County Staff

County Organiser - Helen Jones
Mobile - 07943 956894
Email :

Retiring County Chairman 2013/2014

William Wright enjoyed his time as chairman and has achieved his aims, he was sad to see his time end but is happy to pass on the role to a fellow North Holland YFC member. He will still be involved even though in the words of Will, he has been moved onto the scrap heap!! He will still attend the events and hopes to see the county continue to be successful!